Thoughts on a 2018 Surface 4

On May 16, Bloomberg reported that Microsoft would be releasing a new non-Pro Surface tablet device in late 2018. In summary, Bloomberg sources indicate it will have a 10” screen, use an Intel CPU/GPU, run Windows 10 Pro, last 9 hours on a charge, have 64GB and 128GB versions, USB-C port(s), LTE enabled models, and will not come with a keyboard or stylus. It will be priced around $400. It sounds like an updated version of the Surface 3, for better or worse. This is interesting for a number of reasons, not least of which are the tougher competition found in the $329 iPad and the recently released Windows devices running on ARM-based hardware.

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Business Insider Surface “Flop” Linkbait: Point by Point

Jay Yarow from Business Insider claims that the Microsoft Surface tablet is “going to be a total flop”.  He writes this as though it is fact, despite that many questions, including price, remain unknown.  Through the use of faulty arguments, his blog post becomes a fail of epic proportions.  Normally I don’t write much about things like this, but this one astounded me.  How are articles like this even published?

His two main points (two? really??) are as follows:

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