Thanks so much for visiting my blog! A little bit about me …

I work in IT, and have been fascinated with technology since I was very young. I love continually learning more about technology. I read tech sites daily, such as AnandTech, Ars Technica, Tom’s Hardware, and others, especially enjoying articles and reviews that dive deep into tech items.I have a couple of certifications, such as ITIL Foundation, and CompTIA A+. I am currently working on the Cisco Certified Entry Network Technician (CCENT) certification and hope to have it completed in mid-2019.

Out of high school, I worked in retail for a few years while I attended college, obtaining an AS in Economics. However, I decided that rather than pursuing a career in Econ, I wanted to try to get into IT. In 1996 I started in a phone support job with an ISP, learning to provide remote support and deal with customers quickly and professionally. Following that, I moved into a support position with Countrywide Financial, working for them for 11 years until they were purchased by Bank of America. I worked in desktop support for a couple of years, before moving on to desktop engineering and team management roles.

In 2008, I took a position in Bank of America’s Infrastructure Architecture team, working as a co-lead in supporting the migration of Countrywide desktops and applications to B of A images. When that project wound down, I moved into an application support role, managing the reference architecture program for B of A and the application that functioned as a repository for the data. The application was a 3-tier web app, and I was responsible for supporting the app functionality, user support and management, training, and documentation. I also worked as secondary support for their EA governance application, providing user support, custom reports, and documentation. After being laid off in 2018 during a reorg, I started an independent IT consulting business, providing support for small business clients in Southern California.