How To: Disable Annoying Magix Ads

Magix Software GmbH produces several different media applications, including VEGAS Pro, VEGAS Movie Studio, Music Maker, and others for Windows. If the VEGAS name sounds familiar, the company acquired much of the Sony Creative Software portfolio in May 2016, including the popular VEGAS software line. I’ve used VEGAS Movie Studio products for years, and purchased VEGAS Pro 14 in a recent Humble Bundle. I’ve always liked the software. One very unfortunate effect of that change, though, is that Magix now appears to bundle an application that repeatedly shows ads for their applications and add-ons in the lower right corner of the desktop where Windows 10 notifications often display.

If you are seeing these ads, there will be an application called Connect in your installed apps list on Windows. In the list of apps, it may not show Magix as the publisher, but if you click uninstall, the confirmation should show Magix. If you remove this app, the ads should stop showing immediately. Here’s hoping that Magix realizes that this does nothing but irritate users and removes this separate ad-ware app from their software installs. I was about to uninstall all Magix software I could find on my system before I found the Connect app. I already removed the Music Maker app. For now I will leave VEGAS installed, and see if Magix tries to force the Connect app to be installed again through updates or anything.

7 thoughts on “How To: Disable Annoying Magix Ads”

  1. Dear Steve,
    Thank you for publishing the solution. I was looking for a services to stop but couldn’t find it.
    Some Magix products are nice to work with, but the ads were annoying.

  2. Thanks — was irritating me and couldn’t figure out what it was. I like some of their software but their marketing people are idiots if they think that tactic is going to win customers.

  3. Gotta give thanks. You saved me wasting time and a headache of searching what the hell crap was showing these bs ads. What a load of crap.

    I too acquired Vegas via HumbleBundle, and even though I don’t love it, I’ve used it to edit a few videos and find it useful now that I got past some stupid limitations (can only move clips by moving the entire track??!).

    I also acquired the MusicMaker programs via HumbleBundle, and boy, what utter trash. It’s not for a real musician.

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