Missing Scaffolding Engine Components in ASP.NET Core Projects

Yesterday I went to create a ASP.NET Core MVC web project in Visual Studio, and found that there was no scaffolding available when creating a new controller.  Right clicking on the Controllers folder, there was no Controller option in the Add sub-menu, and no option to select scaffolding after clicking New Item and selecting MVC Controller Class.  During the project creation, I had selected No Authentication.  In researching why scaffolding would be missing, I came across the following warning in one of the ASP.NET Core tutorials:

You must have the Authentication set to Individual User Accounts in this release for the scaffolding engine to work.

So, go back and create a new project using Individual User Accounts, and sure enough, it works!  Suspecting that there was some component missing, I compared project.json between projects using the WinMerge tool which showed that, apart from the expected items for EF and authentication, there are two missing dependencies and a missing tools registration. Continue reading “Missing Scaffolding Engine Components in ASP.NET Core Projects”