Business Insider Surface “Flop” Linkbait: Point by Point

Jay Yarow from Business Insider claims that the Microsoft Surface tablet is “going to be a total flop”.  He writes this as though it is fact, despite that many questions, including price, remain unknown.  Through the use of faulty arguments, his blog post becomes a fail of epic proportions.  Normally I don’t write much about things like this, but this one astounded me.  How are articles like this even published?

His two main points (two? really??) are as follows:

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Reset: Microsoft Announces Windows Phone 8

On June 20, Microsoft announced the next version of their mobile operating system, Windows Phone 8, at a San Francisco based event called the Windows Phone Developer Summit. At the event, Microsoft outlined the short term future for Windows Phone, including new features developed for use in the enterprise. Windows Phone 7 was described by Microsoft as a reset for its mobile OS, replacing Windows Mobile 6.x.  What was announced today appears to effectively be another reset, with Windows Phone being aligned closely with Windows. This time around, though, there is a focus on maintaining backwards app compatibility and improved support for enterprise scenarios, both of which were sorely missing when Windows Phone 7 was introduced. Windows Phone 8 is expected to be made available on new phone hardware in Fall 2012, though no date was announced.

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